Red Cloud Studios

Red Cloud Art Space is not simply an online store and gallery it is a physical studio space set aside for local artists to create, innovate and design. With the belief that collaboration and community create something even more special than simply art.   

The studio space is not only home to local artists but plays host to a variety of art workshops and events. The space can be hired for such occasions and has developed into an inspiring space for budding artists. 

Studio Members

Pernille is a highly creative designer with a decade of experience in sustainable design for the residential market. She specialises in passive solar and energy efficient design with involvement in projects now on the ground nationally as well as a couple of public projects. She has been actively involved in the annual Sustainable House Day, assisting in showcasing some of her past projects. She also holds talks and have been participating on panels discussing sustainability in the built form. Born in Sweden, Pernille studied fine art and graphic design in both Sweden and London, UK. Being a parent she has a passion for the environment which has her being involved in various community groups, one of the more famous ones being Greenpeace.

Her interest in architecture and the built form led her to study building design at TAFE, completing the HIA Greensmart course, the MBAs Green Living. Apart from having previously worked for various builders she was mentored by one of Perth’s leading designers for 8 years, before starting designButton with her husband.

Adima, also known as Swami, is a creative soul, both musically as well as with timbers. This has seen him build not only highly regarded musical instruments but also furniture and art installations. He has a passion for recycled timbers and found materials, turning them into finely created objects of desire. Recycled materials not only minimises harm on our planet by re-using / upcycling but can also add texture, history and depth to a piece as no virgin material ever could.

Adima was mentored by his uncle for many years, downloading generations of experience which is now being manifested in some amazing, adored and loved pieces around our state, both in the residential as well as the commercial market.

Being deeply creative, Adima can be found in his workshop creating, experimenting and joyfully putting together beautiful pieces, be it tables, benches, drums, ceiling and wall panelling. He takes commissions on request.

Jordan Rush

I started out using charcoal and exclusively drawing chiefs, eventually I graduated to mixed mediums. My work is based on capturing a piece of art that looks like it’s been cut out from the street. I focus on using contrasts between black and white imagery and colour. To do this I use a mixture of spray paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, house paint, textured paste, clip art, plaster and fibreglass. I include large amounts of texture in the paintings to give the impression of erosion from external exposure. 

Past solo exhibitions include “Albert & Nikola, 2016”

15 + murals including “Little Brother, blasta brewing” 

I hope to keep on experimenting and challenging myself in the future. 

Kat Charles 

A kaleidoscope of creative mischief for the love of making art, capturing in between moments, empty waves and promoting talented, creative, creatures.
My studio is based in Yallingup, Western Australia in a beautiful art space/gallery known as Red Cloud Artspace. Here I make art with my personal collection of surf photography fused with local timbers from the South West.
A freelance photographer with a speciality for Marketing, I have 7 years experience and a vibrant client list of established fashion labels in surf, street and high fashion. My services include;

Tui I believe you can create community through music, from the Little Village Music was born. You give us a space, we (Carley and myself) will give to you a magical musical experience, not to forget. I will also be spinning clay products on my wheel and practising my newfound love of pottery. 



SHES BACK!!!!!! 

Yep that’s right formally Dunsborough Picture Framers, Alie May Smith, after a few years off and a couple more babies has returned to one of her loves. 

Alie has 10 years experience in Picture framing and has everything you need to fulfil your ever art desire. She hopes to be joined by her Award winning up and coming artists Daughter Jocelyn next year after she finishes school. Jocelyn currently runs her hobbyist business Cape Candles. Find her on Facebook. 

Initially Alie will be available by appointment only. Speak to one of our colab members or call Alie 0447924437 

The future looks bright and the scope for potential is growing. Watch this space for more collaboration, creation and exploration.